See You On The Other Side

See You On The Other Side is an atmospheric 3D puzzle game where the gameplay revolves around using lights and shadows. The player can move through shadows as if an object doesn’t exist. The game takes inspiration from titles such as Closure (shadow mechanic), The Talos Principle (puzzle design mentality) and LIMBO (artstyle and atmosphere). It challenges players to to use lateral thinking in order to solve intriguing puzzles.


The game is being developed by Tunnel Vision Games, a new indie game company located in Aalborg, Denmark. It was officially founded in 2016, but started out as a university project in 2014, where it received the following recognition:

  • Most Innovative Game – Indie Prize at Casual Connect Amsterdam, 2014
  • Nominated for Best Showcase – SpilPrisen, 2014
  • Best Student Project Finalist – Unity Awards, 2014


For Game Preview: Click Play