Tunnel Vision GamesTunnel Vision Games was founded in December 2013 by five guys who met each other via the Medialogy education at Aalborg University.

Together they developed a 15-minute prototype for the game See You On The Other Side. They uploaded a trailer on YouTube and shared it on Reddit and Twitter. Suddenly, the prototype received a lot of attention from various websites and let’s players around the world.

The game was then submitted to the Casual Connect conference in Amsterdam where it was showcased among more than 100 other games. Here, it won the prize for Most Innovative Game. Later, the game also received nominations for Best Student Project at Unity’s Unite conference, as well as Best Showcase at SpilPrisen in Denmark. Having received a lot of positive feedback, the five students decided to take the concept further and develop it into a full game — and thus Tunnel Vision Games was born.

What is Tunnel Vision Games all about?

At Tunnel Vision Games we strive to create innovative and fun games for players of all ages.


Morten Jakobsen
Graphic Designer (intern)

Ulrik Christensen
Audio Designer (intern)

Philip Nymann
CEO, Producer
Philip [at] TunnelVisionGames [dot] com

Mathias Berthelsen
Director, Programmer
Mathias [at] TunnelVisionGames [dot] com

Benjamin Overgaard
Lead Programmer, Narrative
Benjamin [at] TunnelVisionGames [dot] com

Lasse Von Fintel Sostack
Level Designer, Test Manager
Lasse [at] TunnelVisionGames [dot] com

Gustav Dahl
Programmer, PR
Gustav [at] TunnelVisionGames [dot] com