Tunnel Vision GamesTunnel Vision Games was founded in December 2013 by five guys who met each other via the Medialogy education at Aalborg University.

Together they developed a 15-minute prototype for the game See You On The Other Side. They uploaded a trailer on YouTube and shared it on Reddit and Twitter. Suddenly, the prototype received a lot of attention from various websites and let’s players around the world. It was later showcased at various events and even won the prize for Most Innovative Game. Having received a lot of positive feedback, the team decided to take the concept further and develop it into a full game — and thus Tunnel Vision Games was born.

At Tunnel Vision Games we strive to create innovative and fun games for players of all ages.

Philip Nymann
CEO, Producer
Philip [at] TunnelVisionGames [dot] com

Mathias Berthelsen
Director, Programmer
Mathias [at] TunnelVisionGames [dot] com

Benjamin Overgaard
Lead Programmer, Narrative
Benjamin [at] TunnelVisionGames [dot] com

Lasse von Fintel
Level Designer
Lasse [at] TunnelVisionGames [dot] com

Gustav Dahl
Programmer, PR
Gustav [at] TunnelVisionGames [dot] com

Thomas Sørensen
Art Director
Thomas [at] TunnelVisionGames [dot] com

Ulrik Christensen
Audio Designer
Ulrik [at] TunnelVisionGames [dot] com

Anne Seberg
Concept Artist (intern)
Anne [at] TunnelVisionGames [dot] com