Tunnel Vision GamesTunnel Vision Games is a small indie game studio located in Denmark. It was founded in 2013 by five guys who met each other via the Medialogy education at Aalborg University.

Together they developed a 15-minute prototype for the puzzle game See You On The Other Side (now known as Lightmatter). They uploaded a trailer on YouTube and shared a download link on Reddit and Twitter. Suddenly, the prototype received a lot of attention from various websites and let’s players around the world. It was later showcased at various events and even won the prize for Most Innovative Game at Casual Connect. Having received a lot of positive feedback, the team decided to take the concept further and develop it into a full gameĀ — and thus Tunnel Vision Games was born.

Meet the team:

Philip H. Nymann
Role: CEO
Favorite game: Final Fantasy X
Fun fact: Prior double university champion in foosball

Mathias K. Berthelsen
Role: Director & Programmer
Favorite game: Magic: The Gathering
Fun fact: Can flex his tensor tympani muscle

Gustav Dahl
Role: Producer & Programmer
Favorite game: Zelda: The Wind Waker
Fun fact: Has walked with lions in Africa

Benjamin N. Overgaard
Role: Programmer & Narrative Designer
Favorite game: Half-Life
Fun fact: Spent 10h adjusting graphics settings in Doom

Lasse v. F. Sostack
Role: Level Designer
Favorite game: Half-Life 2
Fun fact: Dislikes horseradish

Ulrik S. Christensen
Role: Audio Designer
Favorite game: Atomic Bomberman
Fun fact: Loves to play with Arduino

Austeja M. Vaicyte
Role: Graphical Artist
Favorite game: Call of Cthulhu
Fun fact: Has 37 plants

Kasper S. Batz
Role: Writer
Favorite game: Psychonauts
Fun fact: I am secretly a LinkedIn guru